Writers Workshops

Writers Workshops

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Our workshops are one-of-a-kind. You'll leave equipped and encouraged.

So, you want to move from mediocrity to success?

Move Forward Communications’ workshops are the first step in making this happen. We offer several workshops to get you going in the right direction and off to a great start when it comes to the world of publishing and media management.

Move Forward: Writers 1.0 Workshop

Before investing time and money into writing a book, invest in the necessary education you’ll need to become a success. Move Forward: Writers 1.0 will help answer the many questions bombarding newcomers to the industry, as well as some questions you didn’t even know you should ask.

This intensive workshop addresses various topics:

  • Shaping and pitching your message
  • Developing your writing skills
  • Self-publishing vs. support publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • Pinpointing your theme
  • Resources for writers
  • Book promotions; building your audience
  • Writing to inspire