Don’t Settle for the Blah, Pink Life

Posted by dlbadmin on Sep 30, 2015

Question: Are you living a “pink” life?

Before you answer that, let me explain. Years ago, my life hovered in mediocrity. I said I had faith, but didn’t really live with courage. I thought I believed in the impossible, but I wavered when it came to taking risks. I encouraged others to love themselves and feel secure, while hiding much of my own envy and insecurities. I believed in these principles, but something was lacking when it came to applying them in my own life.

And I wasn’t alone. Many of us say we believe a certain way, but there’s so little evidence of those beliefs in our actual lives, even Columbo would be hard-pressed to prove it. We might post wise and witty memes on Facebook and Twitter, but truthfully we’re not “all in.”

It took a Bible verse, Isaiah 1:18, to give me clarity in the matter: “Come now, let’s settle this,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, I will make them as white as wool.”

I envisioned the red and white colors in this verse on a spectrum and coined the term “living in the pink.” Living in the pink occurs when we’re only half-committed to our spiritual walk. We do just enough to get by, to be able to move beyond that “crimson red” stain of shame. We say we believe in God and inch toward His light but fall short of allowing Him to continually cleanse us of all the self-defeating, yucky dirt and fear in our lives. We stop somewhere between the red and the white, settling in the middle, the pink, the mediocre. Growing ever closer to him would take more energy, more sacrifice, more courage and faith than some want to give. What we fail to see is that, as we strengthen our spiritual walk, we guarantee success in other areas of our lives—career, family, friendships, relationships. So getting out of the pink is definitely worth it!

Take a good look at your day-to-day. Is there actual evidence of the courage, faith, security, financial wisdom, joy and peace that you tell others they should have? Are your relationships with friends and coworkers free of jealousy and frustration? When was the last time you felt truly “all in” about God or about something He wanted to do in your life?

Are you living a pink life?

If you are, you’ll never reach the full potential that God has destined for you. Hovering in the pink brings only so-so blessings and experiences that lack the awesome power of the One who created you for greatness. It’s a sure sign that you don’t trust God with your life, at least not fully. You’d rather stay with what you know than see how God’s ways would yield a greater harvest.

I have two quick tips for you:

1) Pray. Ask God to reveal areas where you need to grow spiritually. Ask for a closer relationship with Him and for wisdom.

2) Act. As God reveals—during your prayer time, in conversation with a trusted loved one, through life situations that arise—do the work to get out of your comfort zone. You want to leave behind gossiping, fear, insecurity, jealousy, selfish ambition, and anything else it takes to move closer to the light inside of you, which is the spirit of God your Creator.


Living in the Pink, my fiction collection of short stories about women who struggled to live beyond the pink life, was published in 2011. Since then, women in church and book groups in various parts of the country have laughed and cried together over the revelations inside. On October 10th, I’m hosting my first “Out of the Pink” spiritual growth seminar. This one is for women only and will go beyond messages in the book. We have a special three-hour seminar planned for women to laugh and connect with one another, assess their own shortcomings, receive enlightenment, and have an all-around great time! This experience takes place at the Shiloh Farm retreat, 16050 Glass Lake Drive, Odessa, FL (north Hillsborough County). The cost is $30 and includes light breakfast and a copy of the book. To register by Oct. 5th, visit and click on “Inspirational Workshops.”

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