Faith: It’s Essential for the Journey

Posted by dlbadmin on Oct 15, 2015

I huffed breathlessly up the steep hill, stopping midway. A mission team from my church had journeyed to Uganda. We were there to help build a home for teachers at an orphanage, so I expected some hard labor — but I didn’t expect the hills. They were everywhere, high and sloping, beautiful and curvaceous. I marveled as native women scaled them wearing dresses and low heels, almost skipping along.

Meanwhile, my feet braced for each step in a pair of sneakers, hands gripping tree limbs or the nearest fence post on the side of the path for balance. My struggle and all the heavy breathing confused a Ugandan teenager walking with me. “But, Miss Sharon,” he said, “in America don’t you have those things — what are they called — gyms?” I had joined a few gyms in my lifetime. My longest commitment at the time, I believe, had lasted about three months. My legs were weak, my stamina virtually nonexistent.

The trek was literally an uphill battle that I had to manage one step at a time. If I thought too far ahead about the distance left to travel, or if I tried to do too much too quickly, I would feel overwhelmed.

You may not go to Uganda or ever climb a real mountain, but if you’re facing an obstacle, something that stands in the way of your life destiny, your journey may be much like my hill-climbing experience. It took a dose of faith and fortitude to get up that hill in Uganda. While trudging toward life’s goals, I’ve learned to pack the same equipment, in even greater portions, when the destination remains out of view or seems impossible.

For so long, I routinely stopped along the sidelines of my life’s journey, too winded and weak, too full of doubt to continue. The solution for me was studying the Bible and praying more consistently. As I did, my faith muscles grew stronger, enabling me to journey on. The Bible says that, by faith, we can overthrow kingdoms, obtain God’s promises, and even shut off the threat of danger, just like the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. It doesn’t take bulging biceps and triceps. It takes a made-up mind and a willingness to get stronger, better, so we can go the distance.

What goal or dream are you hoping will come to pass for you? Whatever it is, you’ll likely need to examine your thoughts and emotions to see if you truly believe you can do it. If you don’t, try to look beyond yourself and your own strength. Think: I may not have the strength, intellect, money, etc. to do this, but God does and He can do it through me.

Once your faith is in check, you’ll need the fortitude to stick with it until the end. It may be something bigger than you’ve ever done before, but you have to muster the determination to keep going. How? One step at a time. With a fortified faith, you’ll find yourself climbing and overcoming the steep “hills,” or obstacles, standing in the way of your destiny.

For the literal hills of Uganda, however, you may need a few workouts at the gym, too.

(This blog entry is a revised excerpt from my devotional book “40 Days of Faith.” The photo above was taken in Uganda, during the mission trip mentioned in the blog.)


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